Read our Clear Bag Policy for Designers

Dress Code for attendees: Festival Fashion is encouraged. Please note the track/field may be difficult to walk on with heels.

How many looks can I bring?

Designers must bring a minimum of 18 looks. 

How will I know who my models are?

Each designer will receive a model pdf with their model’s height, measurements, and contact information. No outside models are allowed. All models need to undergo our program.

How will The Model Experience know what type of models I need?

Once you book your slot, we will send a questionnaire about the number of pieces you plan to have, and the sizing range of those pieces. Based on your submission, we will start organizing your models.

Can I bring someone to help me backstage?

Each designer is able to bring two people with them backstage. They can be an assistant, stylist, etc. (you decide). Please have your assistants check in with you so that we know who they are. All assistants must be pre-approved by TME.

Can I bring my videographer to the show? 

All Videographers/Media requests must first be approved by The Model Experience. For media passes, email Info@TheModelExperience.net There is no filming in changing areas.

What music will be played during my segment on stage?

After booking your slot, you will receive a questionnaire for music and logo submissions. Exact instructions for music requirements will be in your confirmation email.

When is my payment plan due in full by?

All designer payments are due by July 19th in order to confirm their slot in the show.

What is my showtime?

All designers will receive their showtime approximately one month before the show.

Photo and Video Policy: 

In compliance with our clear bag policy, camera bags are not permitted at the festival, with the exception of individuals who possess approved media requests and valid credentials. Additionally, we kindly request that audience members refrain from bringing DSLR or any other professional-grade cameras.

My Question was not answered by the FAQ, who can I contact? The Model Experience team is always more than happy to answer any questions or help with any concerns. The best way to reach us is through email diana@themodelexperience.net.

Please allow 24 hours for a response and keep in mind our offices are closed during weekends.