Model Pass FAQ

Members will get access to a portal for membership management. Members will be charged every 30 days and can cancel at any time. Event access is non-transferable.  You must have an active membership to attend these events. 


Travel is not included in your membership.


Please note The Model Experience is not in any way affiliated or associated with The Grammy's.


General Model Pass FAQ


Do TIER 2 members have to pay to get into the Event of the Month?

-NO, this is included in the membership.

    If I get TIER 1 can I buy my way into the Event of the Month?

    -NO, the only way to access our event of the month is to become a TIER 2 member.

      Where does Model Coaching take place? 

      -It is virtually held on Zoom. You may join from any city / state.


      Grammy Gifting Suite FAQ


      What is a Grammy Gifting Suite?

      -an immersive experience featuring a curated selection of top-tier brands, from fashion and beauty to tech and lifestyle. Models and VVIP’s will receive a gift to take home from each brand.

      Will I receive a ticket to the Grammy’s?

      -No, you will not receive a ticket to the Grammy’s. This is a pre-Grammy event, and is not associated with the Grammy’s. 

      Can I bring a guest with me?

      -No, you would not be able to bring a guest with you. Only members with active subscriptions will be able to attend the event.



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